Trump accuses Obama of not eating hot dogs

Developer Donald Trump launched a new attack against President Barack Obama on Thursday, accusing the president of having never eaten a single hot dog in his life and asserting it “raised questions” about the president.

This was Trump’s latest offensive against the president since Obama released his long form birth certificate from the state of Hawaii. Under state law such documents usually aren’t released, but an exception was made for the president after Trump and others claimed the president was hiding something.

“It turns out that birth certificate had the same information as the shorter one did that he released in 2008,” Trump said in an interview on Good Morning America. “Instead of admitting I was wrong about the birther issue, I’m going to find some other way of boosting ratings for my reality show. I have never seen the president actually eat a hot dog and to me that raises suspicions about him. I read somewhere or heard from someone that he doesn’t.”

Since Trump made this charge, the White House pointed to several pictures taken by the media and regular citizens of Obama eating hot dogs at various locations during the 2008 campaign. Trump asserted these pictures could’ve been faked and he called on the White House to produce the negatives from these pictures or the storage cards they were taken from.

Barack Obama having a hot dog in 2008.

“If Obama doesn’t eat hot dogs he could be Jewish or a Muslim. We need to highlight such  issues in a way we never did until we got a black president,” Trump said. “Look I don’t know what this guy eats, it’s probably chitlins, black eyed peas and hamhocks or whatever those people eat. This is not about racism, mind you, because I’ve always gotten along really well with the blacks.”

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, (R-VA ) in a Thursday appearance on Fox News, criticized Obama for putting the birther issue to rest. He  accused the president of trying to get voters and the media to focus on real issues by removing the distraction of his birth certificate.

Cantor noted that he and other Republican leaders have been walking a razor’s edge for months, trying to avoid looking like birthers while refusing to denounce them at the same time.

“We’ve been using mealy mouthed responses such as ‘I take the president at his word on this,’ which is one of those non-denial denials,” Cantor said. “Now that the president has put this issue to rest, what I want to know is why is the president wasting the American people’s time by putting a stop to these accusations that we and this network were raising? We Republicans were perfectly willing to let this issue fester until the 2012 election.”

Asked if he thought the president ate hot dogs, Cantor said he couldn’t be sure but would “take the president at his word” if he did claim to eat them.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, in a later appearance on Fox, praised Trump for raising the birther issue and for his latest attack on the president. She said the issues raised by Trump were much more important than the economy or the lack of a Republican jobs plan.

“Just because Obama proved the Donald wrong, that doesn’t mean Trump wasn’t right in making an unsubstantiated attack against him. It appears Obama wasn’t hiding something but doesn’t that make you wonder if he was hiding something?” Palin said. “This is an important issue because it distracts the media and the voters. Now we need to find out, just what does the president eat? The fact that this question is left unanswered raises questions about why it’s unanswered.”

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