Fox News to delay Obama-Mubarak comparisons until next week

Cable giant Fox News surprised many in the media Wednesday with the announcement that they will delay comparing President Barack Obama with recently ousted Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak until next week. In the meantime, the network assured fans that they can still expect their familiar standard of thinly-veiled allusions to Nazi Germany.

The decision to delay analogizing Obama and Egypt’s fallen autocrat is part of the Conservative news powerhouse’s effort to shed some of its famously ideological reputation, a priority that Fox News Chairmen Roger Ailes set forth for the network last month.

Fox News shows their restraint in not pointing out that these men both have funny names

Though many outside Fox News applauded the network for delaying its far-fetched, logically-dubious, knowingly-dishonest, and borderline-unethical comparisons 0f Obama and Mubarak, within its own ranks, the announcement was met critically.

“This is ridiculous!” said Fox News personality Sean Hannity. “My job is to bring to light the vast Liberal conspiracies that dominate American government: For instance, don’t our citizens have the right to ask themselves whether it’s a coincidence that neither Obama or Mubarak was born in the United States? Don’t I need to point out to viewers that people with long-standing relationships with terrorists like Mubarak and Obama might be unfit to lead?”

Similarly, leaders of the insurgent Tea Party, a growing force in American politics and a major constituency of Fox News, expressed serious dissatisfaction with Ailes’ decision to delay Obama-Mubarak comparisons.

Chris Smith, a Missouri hardware store manager and prominent Tea Party activist, addressed the controversy in a call with reporters.

“Though Fox News is one of the only media outlets bringing fair and balanced reporting to the American people, this decision should be seen as a disappointment for anyone committed to the truth,” Smith said. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the Egyptian and American economies have both been driven into the crapper by charismatic leaders with brown skin and no-fly-list names.”

Michelle Bachmann, the firebrand Minnesota Congresswoman who recently delivered the Tea Party’s rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union, also offered her thoughts on Fox News’ decision.

“ACORN! Socialism! Terrorists! Unemployment! Welfare! Pyramids! Leprechauns! Buffalo nickels!  Racquetball! Snickers! Pigeons! Toilet paper! Lemonade! Canteloupe! Taxes! Obama! Mubarak!” the congresswoman explained.

She is expected to expand on her insights at a press conference later today.

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