Prop 19 fans surprised to have missed the election

Although a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in California failed on Tuesday, thousands of its supporters were still trying to find their polling stations or figure out how to vote in the days following the election. The measure, known as Proposition 19, was rejected by 53.9 percent of the vote.

“Woah dude, you mean I can’t vote anymore? Don’t they like give us some kinda grace period?” said Ken Stafford, a junior and psychology major at the City College of San Francisco. “My teachers usually give me a coupla days extra to get a paper in, especially if I cough and act like I got a cold or something. I figured I’d get to voting sometime next week.”

Stafford was not alone. Prop 19 supporters have been showing up at closed polling places, courthouses, Department of Motor Vehicles offices and any place with an official look to it—such as buildings with marble exteriors.

Bill Jeffries, a part-time barista at The Grunge Cafe in Santa Monica, said he woke up early on Tuesday at noon but got distracted while trying to find a place to vote.

“I tried a place that looked real official-like but it must’ve been a courthouse ‘cause there were a lot of cops around and I didn’t want to get searched, you know what I mean?” Jeffries said. “Then I wound up playing hacky sack with some friends, then we uh, hung out and went on a quest for nachos. It’s weird because the whole time this guy Steve was saying ‘man why don’t they legalize it, that’d be awesome.’ I guess we all forgot.”

Valerie Benson, a freshman and art history major at the University of California, Berkeley, said she spent three hours online trying to find a voting website and was surprised to hear that casting a ballot has to be done in person.

“Oh I totally support Prop 19. I’ll vote either today or tomorrow,” Benson said on Thursday. “Maybe some of the voting places have closed but I bet I can find some that are still open. I can still vote if I’ve got a prescription, right?”

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